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Steam Tower slot machine free to play now

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Other names: Watchtower, Steam Tower
Manufacturer: NetEnt
Number of lines :15
Max winnings: 54302
Free backs: Yes
Bonus games: Yes
Doubling game: No
Auto Game: Yes



Rules to Play Casino Card Game

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Free to play slot machine Steam Tower

The Steam Tower gambling 3D slot is made in the common steampunk style, as indicated by its name. What would the gambling world look like if the technical revolution were to stop at the steam engine? Judging by this emulator, he would comfortably play bets on 5 drums and 15 fixed lines. The bands are static and not disabled. But online device Steam Tower without registration will allow you to use 10 levels of raising the rate and seven denominations of chips (up to a whole loan). Like any modern and free slot machines, the game freely allows you to enter the maximum bet in the case with one click on the button reserved for this. A continuous parade of spins at the same rate is provided by the Autoplay key.

Payments and symbols of the free Steam Tower slot machine

The game from NetEnt counts on the lines of a combination of characters running from left to right of the extreme drum. Dragon's Eye is the coolest badge, awarding up to 2,000 win credits. Also, the slot machine will significantly split for five superheroes in a cylinder (up to 1000), blond girls (up to 500) and the tops of the notorious tower (up to 300). The four lower-order characters show stylized card advantages from ace to jack. An ordinary wild badge, a climbing harpoon in the hexagon, replaces any icons, regardless of the current game mode.

Free prize round at the Steam Tower slot machine

Vertical wild symbols in the form of the main character with a harpoon in their hands occupy 3 cells in height. If such a symbol appears in full on any of the columns, a prize round of 10 "frispins" begins. It not only has to be played for free, receiving a prize return. The appearance of the usual "joker" in any position will extend the series by 2 free scrolls. The round begins with the 1st floor of the tower and lifts the user to one of the 16 floors with each attempt. Each has a growing multiplier:

• 1st to 3rd - x2;
• 4th to 6th - x3;
• 7th to 9th - x4;
• 10th to 12th - x5;
• 13th to 15th - x6;
• on the 16th - x7.

For climbing to the top, the user receives an additional 1000 loans. Of course, getting to the top will come out only if at least three wild badges appear during the standard duration of the bonus series. Each individual series of "frispins" starts again from the first floor.

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