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Play the South Park slot machine for free

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Other names: South Park
Manufacturer: NetEnt
Number of lines :25
Max winnings: 542
Free backs: Yes
Bonus games: Yes
Doubling game: Yes
Auto Game: Yes



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South Park slot machine to play for free

A whole scattering of enticing bonus rounds and "chips" in a colorful 3D slot machine based on the world famous animated series is a true gift for our gambling players from Net Entertainment. The interactive virtual slot opens the satirical world on 25 lines, on which you can bet 10 coins of various denominations. If you like to seriously play slot machines for free only for the sake of worthwhile plots, then South Park is ideal for fun leisure with a bias in excitement. Try to play online for free in the South Park slot machine when your mood leaves much to be desired, and fight the game effect!

Play unregistered at South Park Slot Machine

Symbols with Cartman are the most profitable when playing the drums, promising up to 750 jackpot credits. However, South Park hid the main benefits of the online slot in bonuses. Standard bonus activators appear on the middle and 4th drums, and unique ones appear on the latter, triggering some specific story. Kyle's bonus spins connect baby Ike to the game. Kenny's survival game will force three danger zones through with him. An additional round with Cartman would require searching for prizes in the bush. Also, players who have had to play without registration and without SMS at the South Park slot machine can take part in Stan's bonus backs and mini-games with Terence and Philip, Mr. Hankey and Cartman.

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