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Sizzling Hot Deluxe gaming slot for free

You are currently playing in demo mode. You can win real money after registering
Other names: Compote deluxe
Manufacturer: Novomatic
Number of lines :9
Max winnings: 9055
Free backs: No
Bonus games: No
Doubling game: Yes
Auto Game: Yes



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Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot machine to play for free

It is always good to remember the former if it appears in an improved guise and is available for demonstration game without SMS. This gaming device gained many fans, while still a classic game without graphic delights, now, having acquired the "deluxe" prefix in the name, it has acquired an improved design, but has retained all the old advantages. As usual, all free versions of slot machines are attracted by the lack of risk, so with a demonstration online game you will receive 5,000 credits to calmly experiment with bets. It's best to play the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot machine for free before you've tried out its generosity and won the first jackpot.

Play online without registering for Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot

Despite the designer's solid work on the updated version, the game retained the previous characters: watermelons, grapes, cream, oranges, lemons and cherries. The machine also has two special characters, they can be called bonuses. This is the Seven, the most expensive sign, bringing the gamer up to 5,000 credits in normal mode, which also replaces the missing characters as a Wild feature. It is also worth playing online in the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot machine without registration for the Stars, the Scatter Symbol, which, in the absence, is not made up for by the Wild Symbol, but does not depend on five payment lines. Finally, we note that the Compot deluxe slot machine is equipped with a standard Risk game.

Game machine genres: Fantasy