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Reel Rush slot machine free gambling game

You are currently playing in demo mode. You can win real money after registering
Other names: Drum Hustle, Drum Breakthrough
Manufacturer: NetEnt
Number of lines :50
Max winnings: 64148
Free backs: Yes
Bonus games: Yes
Doubling game: No
Auto Game: Yes



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Slot Machine Drum Hustle Free

A unique modern video layer with a dynamic character field adequately adorns the range of games from Net Ent. Playing Reel Rush is more interesting with each successful rotation of electronic caramel drums. The more wins, the more room for new combinations that grow as if sticky! Theoretically, the emulator grows to 3125 payment lines and five rows of cells on each of the active verticals. Combinations of icons are counted by the system in a row, starting from the left column. The principle of composite wins requires only the presence of icons on each of the adjacent drums. The bet is raised by the efforts of the player in 10 levels, each adds 10 chips of online casinos to the draw. The face value of the chip is selected by the user within 1-20 cents. The control panel helps the gamer using the service functions of calculating the maximum rate and the automatic scroll mode activator.

Play Free Reel Rush Slot Machine: Its Win Odds

All prize pictures operated by the online slot can be divided into high and low-paid. The former are images of fruits and berries compressed in an 8-bit manner. The most useful player for balance is the strawberry symbol, promising up to 1,000 credits. 500 credits promise pineapples, 250 - lemons, 200 - watermelons, 150 - blackberries, 100 - plums. At a maximum of 50 credits are paid by oval lollipops in five different colors. Each of the listed icons is replaced by a golden Wild token. The universal picture lives on all drums, in addition to the first. It is present on the field both mainly and in the bonus mode of "Frispins."

Slot machine Drum Hustle - play free with respins

A winning attempt, which has compiled at least one sequence of icons, initiates respin for free. After it, the field becomes larger due to the destruction of the prize-blocking blue cells R. Initially, 13 cells are open, and only the middle drum is fully functioning. However, with each consecutive win and respin, the situation changes:

1. 15 cells and 135 paths for combinations.
2. 17 cells and 405 paths.
3. 19 and 675.
4. 21 and 1125.
5. 23 cells and 1875 paths.

If the fifth winning respin brings a prize chain, the field opens completely (25 characters and 3125 lines). Thereafter, the gaming machine performs 8 guaranteed free spins without registration.

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