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Hong Kong Tower Slot Machine

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Other names: Hong Kong Tower, Hong Kong Skyscraper
Manufacturer: ELK Studios
Number of lines :99
Max winnings: 82654
Free backs: Yes
Bonus games: Yes
Doubling game: Yes
Auto Game: Yes



Rules to Play Casino Card Game

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The second rule of casino card games is to understand the game you’re playing. Different casino card games have different rules, so make sure you’re aware of them before you start playing. This goes for both the basic rules and any special rules that may be in place for the specific game.

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The Hong Kong Tower slot machine is great graphics, a fun process and great bets from €1. Try the new online emulator for fun, quick earnings and a pleasant vacation!

Online Slot Theme

The idea of the game is based on the atmosphere of Hong Kong, which conquers the hearts of its guests with the number of dizzying skyscrapers combined with the traditions of Chinese culture. Hong Kong is a city of the future, ultra-modern, dynamic, fantastic, where any miracles are possible. And this is also the business center of the world, where you can become a millionaire overnight. Slot space takes us to the top of the New York high-rises, where we have to bet at breakneck heights and twist the emulator drum to test our own luck. And the more you win and the higher the bet, the better the chances you get to the top of the financial world.


The slot machine offers to use the bonus system at the first attempt to catch luck. You can immediately try to catch a successful match of pictures on the drum, depending on the amount of them, the player is given a prize set of bonuses. For example, these are mysterious symbols that bring a chance for a bonus game and 2 extra lives. This symbol is an image of the famous merger of Yin and Yang. And if you catch from 3 to 5 such symbols in the gold version, you can get 1 spare life, 2 spare moves and a lot of other rewards.

Having won such a bonus, the player launches the Sky Wheel and uses gifts of fortune to earn additional cash prizes. There are three kinds of Sky Wheel that bring the participant a chance to rise to a level higher, where the stakes are larger and the payouts even more serious. The main game symbols are Chinese traditional images. Before the player's eyes, very aesthetically executed images of the elements will flash - fire, water, air, earth, and the most winning combinations are composed of icons with a bonsai tree, a diamond, a seven and a lotus flower.

How to play Hong Kong Tower

The device starts from the moment of connection to the site immediately and without registration. You can start the game using welcome bonuses - a newcomer receives 1000 euros at once. The minimum bet is 1 euro, the game starts instantly with a minimum deposit.

Feature of the slot - the participant is offered a choice of several basic strategies for betting. These are Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, which significantly increase the amounts on the account:

- Optimizer mode allows you to increment the prize payment based on the percentage of the bet;
- Leveller mode gives you a chance to increment your capital step by step after every 5 bets and rotations of the slot;
- Booster mode gives a hopping account speaker, but is the riskiest form of betting. And only with this strategy can players catch a revolutionary breakthrough chance to break into the lead and to the best prize reward, which greatly increases the excitement of the game.

The Hong Kong Tower gaming device is an excellent emulator of a "one-armed bandit," modified and well-designed. The game pleases the eye, inspires a successful game, pleases with stable payments and allows you to have great fun in your free time.

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