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Bratva slot machine free of charge

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Other names: Bandits
Manufacturer: Unicum
Number of lines :21
Max winnings: 3421
Free backs: No
Bonus games: Yes
Doubling game: Yes
Auto Game: Yes



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Many of us still remember the notorious 90s, when the rampant banditry and crime knew no boundaries. Romantics from the high road were traded wherever they did not prohibit or could not prohibit power. Bratva's criminal slot machine is an excellent simulator of the time.

Bratva Game Rules

Выигрышные линии в игровом слоте БратваThe slot machine plays 21 lines. The drop-down three characters in a row win along the playing line from left to right, the Roulette symbol does not count. If several combinations are dropped along the playing lines, the win is awarded to a larger combination. If combinations have fallen out on different lines, the gain is summed up. In the slot machine there is a symbol "Joker," replacing any figure.

Выигрышные комбинации в криминальном аппарате БратваТаблицы выплат в игровом автомате Братва

Prize game "Thief" in the slot machine Bratva

If there are 4 "Thief" characters on the game line, the prize game begins. The player appears in the square, where he is invited to rob five objects to choose from - an office, casino, beer stall, bank and store. Only in one of the objects is an active alarm and the player's task is to steal as much money as possible from buildings.

Призовая игра ВорПравила призовой игры Вор в слоте Братва

Choosing the rules of the prize game "Thief"

Rule 1 - "Rough Work" - Rob buildings until you get caught, and if you get caught, the game ends and the player takes the loot.
Rule 2 - "Professional" - The choice to rob the next building or not is determined by the player. But, if the player hits the building with an alarm, all the winnings on the prize game are lost. And if the player does not want to risk further, he can press the "Pick" button. The money is in 4 out of five buildings, and when the player managed to rob four objects, the win is automatically awarded on credit and the prize game ends.

Bandit Prize Game in Bratva Game Slot

Призовая игра Бандит в игровом автомате БратваWhen 4 or 5 "Bandit" characters fall on the active line, the "Bandit" prize game is launched. The game is a choice of two badgers, in the badgers there may be money, a gun or handcuffs. For a gun and money, winnings are awarded according to the bet on the line and from how many characters have fallen with the bandit, we look at the table.

GUN 100 x bet per line 180 x Line Bet
MONEY 70 x Line Bet 120 x Line Bet

After each selection of the badger, one attempt is taken away, the number of attempts is accrued from the number of bandits who fell out. All just 4 bandits - 4 attempts, 5 bandits - 5 attempts.

Game to double the win in the Bratva gaming machine

Риск-игра напёрстки на удвоение в аппарате БратваWhen you win in the main game, you can increase your winnings in the risk game by pressing the "MIN bet" button. Four thimbles appear on the table, and there are balls in two of them, if guessed, the win doubles, and if not, the entire amount won is reset to zero. You can also finish the game at any time by doubling and pick up the win.

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